Our Beautiful Park

Immersed in the greenery of a splendid park, in a quiet, welcoming and reassuring nature

Colours that suddenly spring forth and blossom among the hedges, unusual plants stretching skywards: these are the gardens of Villa Althea, laid out over three hectares, reflecting the most authentic aromas and charming vistas of Puglia. The majestic trees create enchanting plays of light and shadow, while the tapered palms from all over the globe give the gardens an exotic and fascinating appearance. A pause between the fragrances of the avenues, a foretaste in the shade of the gazebos, a photograph taken among the thousand green hues that fill every corner of the villa, to slip in through the windows of the reception rooms: dreams taking shape against the backdrop of the beautiful gardens of Villa Althea. Bathed in glorious light and surrounded by the magnificent colours of the shrubs and flowers, the gardens of Villa Althea provide a romantic setting for open air weddings. Two splendid gazebos, located in different parts of the garden, are also available for hosting exclusive ceremonies against a rural backdrop. Moments to be lived to the full, moments that become unforgettable thanks to decorations tailored to your personal taste, and the magical cornice of the monumental fountain illuminating the greenery.

Attention to Details

Magical Settings

There is a fairytale setting in which every instant becomes an emotion, every look brims with intense feeling and every detail reflects your innermost desires: the timeless beauty of Villa Althea.


Villa Althea Ricevimenti

An elegant covered gazebo

An elegant covered gazebo, with room for up to 250 guests, ideal for the apéritif or the exciting cake cutting moment. A romantic gazebo set amongst the vibrant plants and flowers in the largest and prettiest part of the garden can accommodate up to 400 people.